A driven team of mentors, volunteers, staff members and advisors.

We’re unashamedly proud of our team. That’s why we’ve launched a blog about them and how run a game-changing nonprofit startup that is powered by a lot of hard volunteer work. Have a read here!


Campus Teams

Our Campus Teams create communities of driven access heroes across our six target campuses. They recruit and train our mentors, run access conferences and build up new relationships with students and staff at their universities.


Central Team

The Central Team runs the operations behind the scenes - liaising with schools and universities and ensuring that the mentorship programme we deliver is the best it can be!


Anna Gross
Founder and CEO

Millie McQuillin
Director of Innovation  

Takashi Lawson
Finance Director

Dafydd Foster-Davies
Director of Expansion

Katie McAllister
Head of Campus Teams

Hannah Judge
Director of Research

Kyra Chong
Director of Product

Sam McKay
Director of Communication

Pablo Espinoza
Director of Corporate Relations


Board of Advisors

Our advisors bring a range of experience to the running of the organisation. They contribute to our growth strategy, give input on our mentorship programme, and ensure we build up a sustainable and impactful organisation.


Eliza Kozman
Associate Advisor, Behavioural Insights Team

Emma Loveland
Head Teacher, Watford UTC

Giovanni Pini
Credit Rating Executive

James Uffindell
CEO, Bright Network

John Jerrim
Professor of Education, UCL

Kwame Afriyie
Coach, TechStars

Nik Higgins
CEO, The Access Platform

Pola Orlowska
Researcher, Education Outcomes Fund

Rune Kvist
COO, Aula

Vikki Boliver
Director of Research, Durham University